Women Bags World Has The Best Women Bags You Could Not Find Anywhere Else

Have you been searching for your own best women purse? Therefore, if you visit Women Bags World, you have done it on the appropriate website.

Who founded Women Bags World

The original founder was Laura Kimberly, who was passionate about owning women bags, especially the best women purses. She had a dream to share her interest with the ones who have the same as her, and create a huge community about women bags.

Laura Kimberly into women bags

  • From her young age, she found that women bags bring a different look to girls and they can also be mixed with different styles.
  • Laura’s first best women purse was bought in a thrift store, back then she was about 15 years old. She was so fond of her first women bags ever and brought them everywhere. Now, they are located in her closet.
  • She was also into making handmade women bags to have the best women purse to her interest. That was how she started her first business at 18.

Best women purse

Laura Kimberly and the story to create Women Bags World

  • Since she was so into women bags, she wanted to spread it to everyone who has the same. Thus, she began as a blogger who shows passion for women bags.
  • She gave them some of the knowledge about fashion brands, their old and new collection of women bags along with the mix-matching advice. From that, she has gained a lot of trust from readers and has so many following fans.
  • From the base, she started an affiliate site with many other fashion brands such as Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, products from Amazon and Selfridges and so on. From that, she developed into one of the best trusted sites that sells both inexpensive and high end women bags. They also provide the best women purses to the fashionistas.
  • Since then, she gained enough capital to raise a website of her own, called Women Bags World. On her website, she will continue to affiliate women bags products as well as designs her own best women purses production line to start a new journey of becoming a boss.

Best women purse

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What Women Bags World had gained

Throughout 5 years of operating, Laura Kimberly along with Women Bags World has gained some specific achievements.

The spread of women bags products of Women Bags World

  • Our first products were the best women purses (said most of our customers). Here are some of our customers reviews:
    • “They have the best women purse I could ever ask for. Thank you Laura for bringing such great products.”
    • “Their women bags never dissapoint. I have followed Laura since day one and her website Women Bags World will forever be in my favorite list.”
    • “Here, my sister and I discovered our favorite women bags for work. They genuinely meet our needs.
    • “The best women purse I’ve ever seen was the one my coworkers purchased here! I now possess one of my own, and I adore it.”
    • “After reading their blog, I changed my mind and bought a purse for myself in addition to the women bags I was shopping for for vacation. How practical!”

Best women purse

Women Bags World new production line

Now, we decided to widen them. Not only the best women purse, we will also provide other production line:

  • Women Clutches For Wedding:

For your special occasion, we will try our best to give you the best women purses for wedding that are elegant and pretty at the same time.

  • Toiletry Bag For Women:

For your convenience on a daily basis, a toiletry bag for women is essential. We are in the process of producing the best women bags for you.

  • Gym Bag For Women

Gyming is a necessary activity in our lives. Knowing that, we and Laura decided to provide our buyers with the best women purse for your everyday use.

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