Sri Lanka Cinnamon Unearthing the Flavors of Paradise

Join us on this journey of exploration as we unravel the flavors of paradise and dive deep into the enchanting world of Sri Lanka cinnamon. Discover the stories, traditions, and culinary wonders and reliable exporters associated with this exceptional spice. 

1. Introduction to Cinnamon Peeling and Flavor of Sri Lanka Cinnamon

Let’s learn about cinnamon extraction and the taste of Sri Lankan cinnamon below.

1.1. The Art of Cinnamon Peeling: A Traditional Sri Lanka Cinnamon Craft

The Art of Cinnamon Peeling is a traditional craft that has been practiced in Sri Lanka for centuries. Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is renowned for producing high-quality cinnamon, and the process of cinnamon peeling is an integral part of its production.

Here’s a step-by-step overview of the traditional cinnamon peeling process:

  • Harvesting: Cinnamon trees are grown in plantations throughout Sri Lanka. The outer bark of the tree is harvested when the tree is around two years old and has reached an optimal size for peeling.
  • Soaking: The harvested cinnamon branches are soaked in water to soften the outer bark, making it easier to remove.
  • Stripping: Skilled craftsmen, known as “peelers,” use specialized tools to gently strip away the outer bark. They carefully make incisions along the length of the branches and then use their fingers or a small knife to lift and separate the outer bark from the inner bark.
  • Rolling: Once the outer bark is removed, the peelers roll the inner bark into quills, creating the characteristic cinnamon sticks. This rolling process requires dexterity and precision to achieve the desired shape and thickness.
  • Drying: The cinnamon quills are then laid out to dry in the sun or in well-ventilated drying houses. This drying process helps to enhance the flavor and aroma of the cinnamon.
  • Sorting and grading: After drying, the cinnamon sticks are sorted and graded based on their size, appearance, and quality. The highest grade cinnamon Sri Lanka cinnamon, known as “Ceylon cinnamon,” consists of thin, delicate quills with a sweet and complex flavor profile.
  • Packaging: The sorted cinnamon sticks are packaged for distribution and export. Sri Lanka has been a major exporter of cinnamon for centuries, and its high-quality cinnamon is in demand worldwide.

The art of cinnamon peeling requires expertise and knowledge passed down through generations. It is a meticulous craft that demands patience and precision to produce the finest cinnamon products.

1.2. The Unique Flavor Profile of Sri Lanka Cinnamon: A Taste of Paradise

Often described as a taste of paradise, Sri Lanka cinnamon or ceylon cinnamon offers a delightful and distinct culinary experience. Here are some characteristics that make true ceylon cinnamon special:

  • Delicate and Sweet: Sri Lanka cinnamon is famous for its delicate, subtle sweetness. Unlike other types of cinnamon, which can sometimes be overpowering or harsh, Sri Lanka cinnamon provides a gentle and refined flavor. Its sweetness is nuanced, with hints of citrus and floral notes.
  • Citrus Undertones: Sri Lanka’s unique soil and climate conditions contribute to the citrus undertones found in its cinnamon. This citrusy hint adds a refreshing and zesty element to the overall flavor profile, making it a delightful addition to a wide range of culinary creations.
  • Mild and Smooth: Sri Lanka cinnamon is prized for its mildness and smoothness. It is known for its refined taste that doesn’t overpower the palate. This characteristic makes it ideal for delicate desserts, pastries, and beverages where a subtle, yet distinctive, cinnamon flavor is desired.
  • Aromatically Pleasing: Alongside its flavor, Sri Lanka cinnamon is highly aromatic. When used in cooking or baking, it releases a fragrant aroma that fills the kitchen with warmth and inviting scents. The enticing aroma of Sri Lanka cinnamon is an integral part of its overall appeal.


    The Unique Qualities of cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

2. Incorparating Sri Lanka Cinnamon into Your Daily Diet

Incorporating Sri Lanka cinnamon into your daily diet is a wonderful way to enjoy its unique flavor and benefit from its potential health properties. Here are some tips and tricks to help you incorporate Sri Lanka cinnamon into your meals and snacks:

  • Breakfast Delights: Sprinkle a pinch of Sri Lanka cinnamon on your morning oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt for added flavor and warmth. Blend it into your smoothies or protein shakes for a subtle yet aromatic twist.
  • Beverage Boosts: Stir a cinnamon stick into your tea or coffee while it steeps to infuse a delightful flavor. Make a comforting cup of cinnamon-infused hot chocolate by simmering milk with a cinnamon stick and a touch of cocoa powder.
  • Savory Sensations: Enhance the flavor of your savory dishes by adding a pinch of ground cinnamon to curries, stews, or marinades. Sprinkle cinnamon over roasted vegetables like sweet potatoes or carrots to add a subtle sweetness.


    Incorparating Sri Lanka Cinnamon into Your Daily Diet

3. Top reliable cinnamon exporters of Sri Lanka cinnamon

Sri Lanka has a long-standing reputation for being a major exporter of high-quality cinnamon, also known as Ceylon cinnamon. Here are some well-known and reputable cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka:

  • Spice Lanka (Cinnamon Exports) Ltd: Spice Lanka is a well-established exporter of Sri Lanka cinnamon, focusing on delivering premium cinnamon products to international markets. They offer a wide range of cinnamon varieties, including Ceylon cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, cinnamon tea, and more.
  • Ceylon Naturals: Ceylon Naturals is a renowned exporter of Sri Lanka cinnamon, dedicated to providing high-quality and organic cinnamon products. They have a range of cinnamon offerings, including cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, and cinnamon-infused products. They prioritize sustainable practices and work closely with local cinnamon farmers.
  • Nihal Cinnamon Exporters: Nihal Cinnamon Exporters is a trusted name in the cinnamon export industry in Sri Lanka. They have a strong reputation for delivering cinnamon products of exceptional quality and purity. Their product range includes cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, and cinnamon oil.