Queen Hair Factory – The number 1 supplier

Over the last year, Queen Hair Factory has consistently been the top option for hair merchants searching for the finest quality Vietnamese hair. Let’s take a look at the company’s history and the services it offers to its clients. 

The beginnings of Queen Hair Factory 

Ms Jessica came from an impoverished household and wanted to make a difference as a college student.


The beginnings of Queen Hair Factory

  • She had dreamed for years that after graduating from university, she would be able to make a significant impact in the lives of people in rural regions. She hunted out dealers in Vietnam’s harsh north-east, where she learned about a little-known trade: Vietnamese hair. She was taken aback by the potential she saw in the flowing, thick hair of the healthy Vietnamese ladies. Ms Jessica founded a tiny hair factory in 2000 to create Vietnamese hair for the worldwide market after years of saving, studying, and providing.
  • After repeated tries, Miss Jessica was able to get a considerable number of orders, both locally and worldwide. Ms Jessica’s long-term objective of turning the business into its own supplier started in 2012.
  • Despite the fact that Queen Hair Factory operates in a highly competitive business, its core values remain unchanged. Queen Hair Factory has promised to always serve clients with the greatest quality Vietnamese hair care products, even if rivals get away with unscrupulous activities.

Every woman is gorgeous and royal in her own way, according to Queen Hair Factory. We’ve come to give you a hair makeover because everyone deserves to be treated like royalty at some point in their life. Every client is treated like a Queen in our factory, and we go out of our way to give them the greatest Vietnamese hair and customer service possible. The Queen Hair Factory, which is made completely of human hair, has the potential to quickly boost your self-esteem.

The goal and purpose of Queen Hair Factory 

Queen Hair Factory has always prioritized the demands of its consumers and made expansion a business priority, with the slogan “Discover your inner queen” in mind.

Goal of the Queen Hair Factory 

Queen Hair Factory has evolved into one of Vietnam’s most significant hair makers over the previous two decades of hard labor.


Goal of the Queen Hair Factory

We are always working to improve the quality and visual appeal of our products.

Missions of Queen Hair Factory 

The organization’s major purpose is to help individuals recognize themselves for what they really are: valued and attractive.


Missions of Queen Hair Factory

  • The goal of Queen Hair Factory, the leading hair supplier in Vietnam, is to help customers discover their inner Queens by offering a wide range of innovative hairstyles that complement their inherent beauty.
  • A woman’s hair, in our view, is the most natural and fascinating way of expressing who she is. Women glow like Queens when they are at ease and content with their bodies.
  • Our consumers appreciate the great quality and low cost of our items. With the slogan “quality before quantity,” we consistently put product development at the top of our priority list. We work long hours every day to preserve and improve the great quality of our Vietnamese hair.

Queen Hair Factory is the largest hair supplier in the world

Queen Hair Factory is one of Vietnam’s most recognized wholesale hair suppliers, manufacturing and selling high-quality hair at low costs while offering professional services to all clients. When you purchase from Queen Hair official website, you can count on timely and courteous service. We regard you as more than a consumer; we see you as a collaborator with whom we can collaborate to create and deliver high-quality goods to customers.


Queen Hair Factory is the largest hair supplier in the world

  • To guarantee that their goods meet the highest standards, Queen Hair Factory, a leading wholesale hair supplier, employs a significant number of quality inspectors. Because it has its own supply of raw materials, Queen Hair Factory can regulate the quality of its hair from beginning to end.
  • The popularity of Queen Hair Factory’s virgin hair products stems from the fact that they are created from the best Vietnamese hair. Because we only used hair from Vietnamese donors, there will be no mingling of hair from other countries or ethnic groups. Thanks to technology, we may now have precisely the kind of hair we desire while maintaining acceptable quality.
  • Queen Hair Factory’s reselling wholesale hair suppliers from other nations are competitively priced while providing the best quality hair. In addition, we have a number of policies in place to assist our clients in purchasing hair with a minimum purchase of three bundles to ensure quality.
  • If a consumer has an issue with the company, they may contact one of our hair professionals, each of whom has at least three years of expertise in the field. We work relentlessly to ensure that our customers throughout the globe are happy with the hair products and services they get from us.

The establishment of Queen Hair Factory


Finally, go no farther than Queen Hair Factory if you’re seeking for credible Vietnamese hair manufacturers that provide high-quality hair at a fair price with exceptional customer service for the hair market. Our hairstylists can also assist you in running your salon more effectively.