K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer Service

Along with the modern machinery and high-quality production, the support for customers plays a significant role in enhancing the position of a company. In such a competitive hair business, customer service is recognized as the key to achieve the trust and loyalty of the consumers. K-Hair is a name that is no longer strange to the hair lovers according to its wonderful customer-assistance.

k hair 31 - K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer Service

If you are new to the global human wholesale hair extension market, do not worry, here is some information about K-Hair, which is one of the most potential hair factories in Asia.

k hair 32 - K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer Service

K-Hair’s precursor was a mediator of the hair factories in other countries like Thailand, China… That firm collected the raw hair from native condors in Vietnam, washed and exported it to those hair vendors. Then the son of the previous owner inherited the business and decided to modify it. He is Mr. Daniel- the CEO of K-Hair, who has oriented K-Hair to the top position in the domestic market of human hair extensions. At the beginning, the CEO made the company become a manufacturer and supplier of hair items instead of a mediator like his father had done. He built K-Hair with organized structure and professional function. With the slogan “Quality is King”, the high quality of the products is always committed while the service for customers is supportive.

k hair 33 - K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer ServiceThe CEO of K-Hair built a department in the company to take responsibilities for only the production of the company. With the eagerness to distribute the best human hair extensions, the factory regularly updated their technique and bought modern machinery. There is also another department to have regular checks on the quality of products and the machines to ensure the identical and great outcomes of hair products. There are multiple types and styles of human hair extensions produced by K-Hair to meet different demands of the consumers. The factory also made hair items based on the interest and request of the customers; for instance, buyers can freely choose the colors, length and styles of their hair with a pleasing wholesale price.

k hair 34 - K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer ServiceIf you are new to K-Hair company or you are an amateur in the hair market, there is friendly support from the staff available. There is a department in K-Hair called Marketing Head, which is in charge of caring for the customers. When you come to the official website of the factory there are hotline and contact details of the staff attached. You can connect with the telesalers from K-Hair 24/6 to ask them about the information about products, the fees and other policies… They can even help you find the appropriate styles of human hair extensions that are relevant to your demand, budget or look.

k hair 35 - K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer ServiceWhen the consumers can pick up the categories of products they want to purchase, the staff from Marketing Head will discuss carefully about the contract. During this phase, the supporters from K-Hair will provide the clients with information about the payment methods, the logistic support and other policies. Thanks to being located in the capital of Vietnam, K-Hair factory has convenience in transferring the products to the delivery company in a short time. Moreover, the options for shipping are diversified as well.

k hair 36 - K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer ServiceEven after the consumers signed the contract with K-Hair, the staff are still very supportive. Customers can have a regular check on the delivery of the human hair extensions by asking the staff from the company. There is a department of K-Hair to exchange the information directly with consumers and another department to deal with the issues arised. The staff keep in touch with their clients until they receive the human hair extensions items and have a check on the quality and quantity of the goods.

k hair 37 - K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer ServiceIn case you want to know about the production and human hair extensions items by yourself, there is also support available. On the website of K-Hair, there is a category called FAQ, which lists the questions that previous customers are always concerned about. The company has comprehensive and detailed answers below each question as well as the photos for illustration. Moreover, the customers can go to the Youtube channel of K-Hair to explore the hair business. There are short videos with diversified contents such as the introduction of new products, the tips to avoid the vendor scam, and the advice to take care of your human hair extensions…

k hair 38 - K-Hair: The Top Hair Supplier With Great Customer Service

In conclusion, K-Hair is a company that is not only famous for their human hair extensions product but also for pleasing customer service. As a result, they have firm relationships with dozens of hair importers around the world. They even spread their business to the UK, Nigeria and  so on thanks to the trust of consumers. K-Hair exports tons of hair items every month and they have new customers regularly.