5S Hair Factory distributes Vietnamese hair items across the world

5S Hair Factory is the first company in Vietnam to provide hair extension products for women all over the world. When coming to hair supplies, 5s Hair strives to provide the best experience possible for its customers. In this essay, we’ll discover something about 5S Hair Factory.

The process for forming the 5S hair factory

How did you feel about the 5S hair factory? I’ve included some information.

The history of the 5S hair factory

  • 5S Hair Factory was first opened in 1989 and has made considerable progress after 32 years of effort and experience. As a result, they’re known as Vietnam’s biggest hair factory.
  • The distribution of hair products from the 5S hair factory has also increased dramatically, owing to the high quality of the products as well as the fact that the support team is always a top priority.

The history of 5S Hair Factory

The effort to create a 5S hair factory

Every company has its own set of goals, and the 5S hair factory has no difference:

  • Export Vietnamese hair products to the rest of the world: 5S hair factory-Top hair factory in the world continues to focus on foreign markets such as Europe, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Russia,… Because of the superior quality of 5S hair factory’s products, international businesses had faith in Vietnamese brands, resulting in high praise for all things in general.
  • Become the most influential hair factory in Vietnam: With the goal of bringing Vietnamese hair items to the international market, 5S hair factory is growing stronger and becoming a prominent player in the hair products manufacturing business in Vietnam. The production and operating employees of 5S Hair Factory are getting progressively well-trained in order to ensure that all customer requests are addressed.

The effort to create 5S Hair Factory

The 5S hair factory creates significant hair products

5S hair factory’s products are made entirely of Vietnamese human hair to deliver the best user experience possible:

The best-selling goods at the 5S hair factory

5S hair factory’s items are always guaranteed to be of high-quality hair extensions in mass, and they always deliver the best designs to customers. The following are some examples of hair product styles:

  • Buck hair/raw hair: this is the natural hair that has been obtained and washed before being tied into bundles and exported in accordance with the established specifications.
  • Weft/Weave hair is a hair extension style that stylists purchase and install/stitch into a client’s hair.
  • Wig style that has been painstakingly created to meet the needs of all types of clients.
  • Tape hair extensions style: When the salon uses tape hair, the hair is thinly spread across a specially created tape that is attached straight to each customer’s small hair.

The modern production process of 5S Hair Factory

The 5S hair factory’s supply chain

  • Since the 5S hair factory is constantly strict in the manufacturing of products, the production lines of the 5S hair factory are always supervised by trained and knowledgeable workers.
  • To ensure the best products for clients, the company employs well-trained employees at all levels.
  • With a competent support team available 24/7, 5S hair factory will certainly deliver the best services to customers. Every 5S hair factory has well-trained customer service representatives that know how to handle and manage client information in the most efficient way possible.

The contact of 5S Hair Factory

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